Training Booklets

EMPOWERING HOLY SPIRIT: A teaching on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Click here to download.

TRAINING PREACHERS: Click here to download Craig Botha's preacher training notes.

Our Marriage Preparation course looks at What is Christian Marriage, Roles Within The Marriage Relationship, Communication, Handling Conflict and other topcics.

Our BASIC CHRISITAN DOCTRINE booklet has been translated into Portuguese and is used for trianing in Mozambique churches. The attached document contains both English and Portuguese.

Download our VISION AND VALUES booklet here. This contains our Connect Course teaching which has three main objectives: to lay a solid foundation of biblical teaching, to understand the vision and values of GraceGen, and for new members to meet elders and leaders. The course is presented over four weeks. Contact our office should you be interested in joining our church family.

Sheldon Kidwell from The Bay Communicty Church compiled these workshop notes for worship bands and leaders in June 2010.

Gary Smith can provide Christians in the business world with some solid biblical foundations for good business practice.  For business advice contact him via his website, You can also read his blog entries related to Christians in Business.  For advice on personal money management, his very popular "Money Matters" course can be downloaded from the PDF section of our Resources page. Also get the budget worksheet which is an Excell document. Copyright belongs to Gary, please communicate with him should you wish to offer this course to a group of people.