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2020 A year of grace for restoration Benson Okyere-Manu 2020/01/12 Other Great Sermons Download

2 Samuel 9

A bad man's good example Craig Botha 2019/09/29 Stewardship Download

Luke 16:1-13

A Call To Disipleship Mark Ashfield 2013/06/23 Other Great Sermons Download

Romans 15:3 Mark Ashfield and family sharing exciting current examples of reaching out in Pretoria.

A Christmas Sign Craig Botha 2017/12/25 Christmas Download

Matt 2:1-12

Acknowledgement Spurgeon's message on 24 December 1882


A City Changed By The Gospel Craig Botha 2012/09/23 Saving Lives ACTS Download

Acts 19:1-20. Preaching notes on BLOG page.

A king is Born Craig Botha 2018/12/25 Christmas Download

Matthew 2:1-2

A Light has come Craig Botha 2018/12/16 Christmas Download

Isaiah 9:2

A Missional Women Craig Botha 2011/11/06 People On The Move Download
A Mother's Faith Craig Botha 2019/05/12 Other Great Sermons Download

John 2:1-11

A New Community On A Mission Mosala Balatseng 2015/03/15 The Bride Download

Eph 3:1-13 & Matt 28:18-20

A Position of Power Kurt Alexander 2018/05/27 Other Great Sermons Download

Acts 3:4-8

A tale of two cities Mosala Balatseng 2019/11/17 Other Great Sermons Download

Genesis 4:10-23

ABRAHAM Face of Compromise Craig Botha 2014/08/24 Profiles Through Genesis Download

Genesis 12

ABRAHAM Face of Faith Craig Botha 2014/08/10 Profiles Through Genesis Download

Genesis 12

ABRAHAM Face of Faith - PRAYER Craig Botha 2014/08/17 Profiles Through Genesis Download

Genesis 18

ADAM AND EVE: Face of Innocence Craig Botha 2014/08/03 Profiles Through Genesis Download

Genesis 2 and 3

Advancing The Gospel Craig Botha 2013/04/28 2013Gospel Rev Download

Romans 1:16

Advancing The Gospel Mosala Balatseng 2017/03/19 Gospel Revolution Download

Matt 28:16

All roads lead to Rome Mosala Balatseng 2019/01/27 Robust Faith Download

Romans 1:16-23

Anger Craig Botha 2018/08/05 7 Things Download

Isaiah 52:14-15 & 53:4-6