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What Is True Freedom? 2017/06/18 2017FreedomInChrist Download

John 8:31-47

Jesus Has Risen! Avril Potgieter 2014/04/20 Easter Download

1 Peter 1:3-4

Walking With Jesus Our Advocate Avril Potgieter 2012/01/29 Knowing God 1John Download
Saving Lives As A City Is Reached Avril Potgieter 2012/07/22 Saving Lives ACTS Download

Acts 17:16-28

Renewing of Your Mind Avril Potgieter 2010/08/29 Other Great Sermons Download
Removing The Mountain Of Bitterness Avril Potgieter 2009/10/25 Mighty Mark Download

God wants us to bear good, sweet fruit. Mountains of bitterness lead to unforgiveness and negatively affects our fruit-bearing. Mark 11:20

Understanding The Kingdom Avril Potgieter 2013/05/26 The Stories of Jesus Download

Matthew 13:44-46. Drawing on great illustrations Avril unpacks the nature of God's Kingdom.

Saving Lives Through Prayer Avril Potgieter 2012/09/09 Saving Lives ACTS Download

Acts 2:42-43

Sow As You Go Avril Potgieter 2011/11/13 People On The Move Download
Finishing Strong Avril Potgieter 2010/05/30 Other Great Sermons Download

1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Connecting To Blessing Avril Potgieter 2010/12/12 Christ in Colossians Download
Saving Lives Through The Bible Avril Potgieter 2012/09/30 Saving Lives ACTS Download

Acts 2:14-20

Love Your Neighbour Avril Potgieter 2011/10/30 People On The Move Download
Saving Lives Through Focussing On Jesus Avril Potgieter 2012/10/21 Saving Lives ACTS Download

Acts 9:1-22. What we focus on, will consume us.

The Father Heart of God Avril Potgieter 2011/08/21 People On The Move Download
Resurrection: Fact Or Fiction Avril Potgieter 2010/04/04 Easter Download

Mark 15:40

The Knowledge of God Bandile 2018/10/28 Other Great Sermons Download

Rom 8:28-30

Eph 1:16-19


Propitiation An Aspect Of God's Mercy Bandile Sizani 2016/11/06 Other Great Sermons Download

Romans 12:1 and 3:23-26

Living Life On Mission 5 Bandile Sizani 2017/07/23 2017LivingTheMission Download

Hebrews 10:19-25

Salt of the earth Bandile Sizani 2020/02/16 Dreams Download

Matthew 5:13