Our Mission

Our vision is to gather a bride for Jesus from all nations, thereby glorifying God. Grace Generation Church is to be a multicultural community of Word and Spirit in Pietermaritzburg, reconciling a generation to the Father through the gospel of grace.

More About Us

Since 1993, Grace Generation Church (initially called Pietermaritzburg Christian Fellowship) has grown into a multi-cultural resource base called by God to impact this current generation with the Word of God, the doctrines of grace and the presence of God.

In 1992, along with a number of co-founding churches in Pietermaritzburg, we helped to establish Project Gateway as a means of meeting the needs of the poor and empowering the disadvantaged in a new South African epoch.  Project Gateway was established with an understanding that the church was to advance the Kingdom of God, alongside the apostolic call to “remember the poor” (Galatians 2:10).  After fifteen years Pietermaritzburg Christian Fellowship handed over the leadership of Project Gateway to an indigenous leadership team. This enabled us to enter a new season as a local church base for growth, expanding HIV and AIDS work in Pietermaritzburg and beyond, the training of leaders, church planting and the establishment of our training School (Africa Leadership School), which offers theological and practical church-based training and leadership formation. Download our 21st Celebration tribute here.

Grace Generation Values

1. Plant and build gospel Churches for local and global impact.

2. To build biblically.

3. A Church of Word and Spirit. Matthew 22:29.

4. Being clear about God’s grace and being in Christ.

5. Baptism in water as believers and baptism in the Spirit.

6. The importance of God’s presence and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

7. The local Church as a loving community of God’s presence, and the Church meeting from house to house.

8. Family life valued and lived according to Ephesians 5:22-6:4.

9. Church led by male elders and encouraged through translocal ministry for global mission.

10. Members equipped for ministry in the Church and in the world as salt and light.

11. Remembering we are one new man in Christ. Ephesians 2:15. Remembering the poor, Galatians 2:10, and impacting culture.

12. Excellent relationships with other churches and streams.


At Grace Generation Church, we passionately want everyone to belong.  We regularly run a short course called our ‘Connect Course’, in which we explain what it means to become a part of our church family.  We would love you to consider becoming a part of what God is doing among us.  For more information, please contact us on 033 386 6527 or 079 396 0490 during weekdays. 

Apostolic Links

Grace Generation Church is part of the Advance Movement of churches, a partnership that plants and strengthens churches. Advance emerged out of the Newfrontiers family of churches lead by Terry Virgo


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