Our theologian friend Dr Michael Eaton visited us in Pietermaritzburg on Sunday 12 July 2015. We spent time during the morning service honouring him for the wonderful way he is serving God, and reminding ourselves of the impact his ministry has made on us and others. Below are two testimonies of leaders impacted by Michael's ministry:



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Listen to our podcasts on topics such as Family life under attack, Anger, Sexual Issues, Racism, Depression and Anxiety, Poverty, Crime and Fear, Facing the Future. Every week we also listen to exciting testimonies from people who have overcome these giants in their lives.

I had a picture as we came in today. In Plymouth (we live by the sea), it is a naval port. Right on the waterfront is a big, tall light house. It has red and white stripes around the light house. As we drove in this morning, I saw the big steeple of this church building. As I looked at it, it was red and white, like the light house in Plymouth. I just felt God would say to you guys that you are a light house. Jesus called us to be the light of the world, but as a church He has called you to...

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30 October 2016 was a significant and exciting day for Grace Generation Church when Mosala Balatseng was appointed as a GraceGen elder. GraceGen elders laid hands on Mosala and Makhosi, adding them to our team of elders and wives.

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Our friend Dr Michael Eaton sadly passed away in Johannesburg on Friday 9 June 2017. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to his wife Jenny, their children and grand children. 

Tribute to Dr Michael Eaton by Craig Botha during the memorial service at Cornerstone Church, Johannesburg, 15 June 2017:

It’s an honour for me to have known the Eaton family for over 30 years...

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Join us on Tuesday, 26 June 2022 at 18:30 in the Church Hall for Session 5 of our 6-week course of becoming equipped to 'make disciples'. 

Session 6 is our FINAL meeting and will be taking place on Sunday, 26 June 2022 at 10:30 in the Church Hall and will be repeated on Tuesday, 28 June 2022 at 18:30.