Prophetic Word

I had a picture as we came in today. In Plymouth (we live by the sea), it is a naval port. Right on the waterfront is a big, tall light house. It has red and white stripes around the light house. As we drove in this morning, I saw the big steeple of this church building. As I looked at it, it was red and white, like the light house in Plymouth. I just felt God would say to you guys that you are a light house. Jesus called us to be the light of the world, but as a church He has called you to be a light house to your community and also to Africa. A light house has several jobs.  It shines in the darkness, and gives light, but also acts as a real beacon. A beacon to show the way. When the sailors are out on the sea in a storm and they see the lighthouse out on the shore, they have hope. They know they are getting home. And I think Jesus called you to be a beacon to show the way home. But it is also a place of safety. When people see the lighthouse, they know it is a place where they will find safety, where they will find food, hope, peace and rest. That is what God is calling you to do.  Not just for Pietermaritzburg, but much wider.

Word brought by Carol Peel, Pietermaritzburg, 16 October 2016