Grace Generation's community outreach extends to people with HIV and AIDS in Pietermaritzburg. CCP operates directly under Grace Generation’s eldership, with the Newfrontier Aid Trust (NAT) providing management. CCP works to mobilise churches, schools and individuals to respond to the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Watch a 2014 video screened on SABC 2 here.


Training: CCP trains churches, organisations, families and individuals in Home Based Care, Play Skills and Wellness and Child Care. Over the past year we have trained volunteers and caregivers in 13 churches and are currently working with 11 churches in Imbali, Dambuza, Hopewell, Northdale Phayiphini and Ashdown to provide assistance to families and children.

Schools Work: CCP works in schools to support the lives of children orphaned and made vulnerable by the pandemic. CCP educated more than 10 000 pupils and has directly supported over 5 500 orphans through working in 15 schools and 7 creches.

Family Interventions, Training and Programmes: Currently CCP works with over 1000 families from the children we work with in schools. These families receive training in HIV and AIDS management and gardens. So far about 60 families have vegetable garden. The families receive spiritual (prayer and encouragement through the Word of God) and psychosocial support through regular home visits. They are also invited to our monthly prayer meetings on the first Friday of each month for people and families infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Other support programmes:

  • Four Support Groups: Ashdown (meeting every Friday at 15:00), France (meeting every Wednesday), Copesville (meeting every Saturday at 12:00) and 14 Jabu Ndlovu Street (meeting every Tuesday at 12:00).
  • Gogos' Support Group meets every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 in Imbali.
  • Youth group: CCP has started a School’s Christian Association in Haythorne High School with 20 students. They meet every Thursday.
  • 50 Child-headed household comprising of 200 children. The children in these households regularly receive services such as food parcels, blankets, school uniforms and clothes.
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre.
  • Play skills and bereavement counselling.
  • Disclosure work with children.

CCP operates from their offices at 11 Jabu Ndlovu Street, Pietermaritzburg, and can be contacted on 033 394 3351 during office hours, or by sending an e-mail to

NOTE: Benson Okyere-Manu’s doctoral thesis was published in 2010 as “Engaging the Fertile Silence”. (ISBN 9783838395227)

This study critically examines one of the major hindrances to dealing adequately with the HIV and AIDS problem facing Africa - the issue of silence. It has examined the hypothesis that there are cultural factors underlying the silence that surrounds the disease, which when investigated and identified, will provide cues for breaking the silence and a way forward for dealing with the epidemic. The study utilises the concept of 'cultural context' proposed by Hall and 'dimensions of culture' postulated by Hofstede, to investigate the cultural reasons behind the HIV and AIDS silence among the Zulu people in and around Pietermaritzburg in the Kwazulu Natal province of South Africa. The study suggests two kinds of silence, namely barren silence and fertile silence, existing on a continuum. In a low context culture, barren silence is the silence that exists as absence, because when people do not talk about the issue, then there is no communication at all about the issue. In a high context culture, fertile silence is the silence that exists as presence, because when people do not talk about the issue at hand, they may still be communicating about it through non-verbal or coded language.