Dr Eaton Books & Audio

Dynamic sermons and publications of Dr Michael Eaton are part of the Grace Generation Church resources and are available through our Africa Leadership School ministry. You can download most of his Pietermaritzburg preaching from our website:

2005 Preaching School,

2007 Whole Counsel of God,

2008 Bible Interpretation & Application,

2009 The Local Church, 

2010 God's Amazing Grace, 

2011 Amazing Sin, Amazing Grace,

2012 The Real Jesus and 

2013 Preaching Through 1 John. You can find video recordings of the 2013 visit on You Tube

His famous "Whole Counsel of God" series preached in 2007 in Pietermaritzburg is listed under "A Systematic Theology For Charismatics".  

Our audio catalogue has a ful list of titles preached in Pietermaritzburg since 2005. Please contact us at books@gracegeneration.co.za for book related enquiries.

As part of the Pietermaritzburg Commentaries Series, we have published the books listed below and we have also published a fourth book, "The Plan and Purpose of God" which originated from transcriptions of the 2007 Whole Counsel of God teaching in Pietermaritzburg. 

An Anchor Firm and Secure

Living Under Grace Preaching through Romans 6 & 7

Everlasting Assurance Preaching through Romans 8


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