Taking Church Into The Community

Dear friends, as part of our commitment to making a difference in our city we are going to be undertaking another litter clean up in our Scottsville area this Sunday, 16 September. It is part of our GraceGen Cares initiative and is also a great missional exercise and as we ‘treasure hunt’ at the same time. ‘Treasure hunting’ is an exciting prophetic evangelism exercise a number of churches have been doing of late. It involves praying beforehand and hearing from God about people on the streets you will encounter later during the day – people being the ‘treasure’! God gives ‘prophetic clues’ about these folk (their needs, background, etc) which makes initiating conversation so much more engaging. It was great fun at our last clean up and the ‘treasure hunting’ certainly got the attention of the locals.

We also continue with our ‘Saving Lives’ preaching series from the book of Acts this month. Downloads are available from our website resources page. Our sermon of the month will be ‘It’s all about Worship’ preached on Sunday 26 Aug 2012.  I trust it will invigorate your personal worship of God!